August 16, 2017

Looking for something fun to do during the weekend?! Here is it!! Two day of fun and shopping on 27th and 28th August at Suntec. 

WHAT'S MORE?! the brand new Korean Lifestyle Online store is debuting in this event!!! Have been a fan of Kpop and Korean drama?! At Croire, we bring you one step closer to live like the Korean pop stars. All our products are featured by Korean drama and endorsed by Korean pop stars. 

At CROIRE, Our mission is to bring new and healthy life style to all Singaporean. Aim to always keep up with the latest trendy health and beauty products, we debuted with H201 shower filter on 26 and 27th August @ Suntec Convention Center. 

~~~~~~~~About H201~~~~~~~

H201 shower filter is a Korean manufactured product.It enhances your shower time with aromatherapy, takes care of your well-being by filtering out the harmful chlorine, rust and other particles in your water and also boosts your moisture levels with high levels of vitamin C, snail slime and milk powder. These ingredients also help to brighten your skin, remove dead skin cells and improve skin elasticity! H201 Shower Filter will change the way you shower and improve the quality of your shower. 

If you are like the most of us who feel stressed out from your work and life in general, want a SPA all the time but stretched at the pocket, H201 is a supreme alternative for quick hot shower SPA. Get relaxed and wash away the day's stress!!! 

If you are wondering about the safety of the H201 Shower Filter, don't worry! This product has been approved by FDA and certified to be safe and effective to be used.

👉👉👉One shower filter is good for a 3 members house hold for 3-6 months usage. GREAT value for money. 👈👈👈

❤❤❤❤On 26th and 27th Aug ❤❤❤❤

From 11am till late daily 

Our booth located at the subfloor between level 2 and level 3 at suntec convention center. Near to the escalator. You will see our friendly brand ambassadors around and they will show you the way to our booth 😁  


There will be product demonstrations and display, where you can take a closer look at our products.   


Original price $68


Event Special: ♥Leader's mask♥ (the one every Korean skin care fan is talking about ✌) is going at ♥$15 / pack of 10 pieces. (Sold at $5/piece at sephora!)  

3.👉👉 FREE GIFT❗❗❗with no string attached!  

We are doing GIVE AWAY to our beloved customers, do the following and show us at the booth you'll get 👉FREE mysterious gifts which are featured in K dramas!! We have plenty for you to choose from.  

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  3. Share this event page and keep a screen shot!! 

The date of screen shot needs to be BEFORE 27th Aug to qualify!! ♥♥♥ 

Act quick and see u on 26th and 27th Aug at Suntec!!