July 10, 2017

If you have tuned into 883 Jia FM on the night of 10 Jul, Monday from 9 to 10 pm, you might have already heard us being interviewed by DJ Eeva. We talked about our life story, why we setted up this company and our passion to bring trendy korean lifestyle products ,into Singapore . Once again, a big thank you to DJ Eeva, Melody & D boss for making this interview a wonderful experience for us.
88.3Jia FM is one of Singapore's most famous radio station. It is the only bilingual station in Singapore that plays both Mandarin and English all-time favorite ballads from the 1980s to current hits. Re-launched in 2007, 88.3Jia FM has since built a strong and loyal following with the 25- to 44-year-olds. The unique blend of 88.3Jia FM caters to the changing lifestyle of Singaporeans who are increasingly conversant in both Mandarin and English.
We are honored to know DJ Eeva through this interview. Her story is truly inspiring. Being Born in the mountains of southern Taiwan to the aboriginal tribe of the Paiwan People, Eeva did not know that she would one day cross the ocean and settle down in the island city of Singapore. Yet as fate would have it, after her time at Young Lions Radio Station in Taiwan, Eeva packed her bags and came to Singapore all by herself to start a new chapter of her life. Beginning her career with Rediffusion, Eeva eventually circled all the major mandarin radio stations in Singapore before eventually retiring from the media industry after the birth of her first and only child. A few years after she retired from the limelight, a different opportunity came knocking on her door, quite literally, as a head-hunter offered her the ownership of the then failing Eduplus Language Centre. Driven by her passion for language and her love for challenges, Eeva began her journey of changing Chinese language education for the children of Singapore one language centre at a time.
It would be another 15 years before Eeva would return to her roots in media and limelight. In 2012, Eeva heard of the closure of Rediffusion, the station that started it all for her in Singapore and endeavoured to preserve this piece of cultural heritage for future generations of Singaporeans. Following her acquisition of Rediffusion, Eeva started Eeva Productions, a sister company to the historical station, to better give back to the community by inspiring new outlooks and perspectives in people through creative storytelling.
From radio DJ, to educator to inspirer, Eeva’s path seems to have taken sharp turns after sharp turns, yet at the centre of it all, tying them altogether is Eeva’s motivation to contribute to the betterment of the people and the world around her. 
Talking to her has encouraged us as entrepreneurs to be bold and courageous in doing work we believe in. Be true to ourselves and never forget our passion to share and to love.  

Interviewed at 883 Jia FM