November 28, 2017

Check out @qinlovesmacaronsss's recent post on her H201 shower filter user's experience.

Quoted from her " smell and feel good! Meet the new H201 from Korea. This is a water filter with skin beautifying properties. It can be fixed easily to any shower head or faucet at home!

this filter said to remove chlorine from water which may cause skin diseases. I also love the fact that it contains few key ingredients that are good for skin absorption since our pores will be opened during a warm shower.

Vitamin C improves on hydration to keep your skin looking younger.

Snail slime protects the skin from harmful UV rays, gradually diminishes the signs of skin-aging and improve skin regeneration ability.

Milk Powder effectively remove old & dead skin without the skin irritation.

Aroma Therapy developed specially for H201 which helps to reduce your stress."


h201 user experience