H201 Shower Filter ( Special Fragrance Series: Lilac Blossom)

  1. CHLORINE REMOVAL:Strong chlorine is used for disinfection in order to eliminate microorganisms in the water. Residual chlorine in the tap water will get through into our skin during shower. Constantly use of tap water containing chlorine may cause skin diseases.
  2. AROMA THERAPY: The decent smell of H201 is developed by our best perfumer through tens of thousands of tests.It helps you to filter out all your stress.Fully use of shower-time to improve your life.
  3. FRAGRANCE: Pleasant fragrance shower filter are available which  can fully help release stress and relax your body. 
  4. Sweet and gentle fragarance , allow you to ease the mood and relax the body.
    Moisturize skin, adjust hormonal balance, analgesic effect, aphrodisiac, infertility.
    • H201 is safest choice for you!
    • H201 certificate

    All our products are 100% Authentic. Please bear in mind that actual product might have color differences from photo  due to lighting or the monitor's display.