About us



"Croire” means “ trust” in French. It is a reflection of our goal when we set up this company - to build a trustworthy brand that brings the top-notch Korean products to the consumers in Singapore. We officially launched the e-commerce website in earlier 2017 with three Korean brands we loved, namely H201 Fragrance Vitamin C Shower Filter, Signatural and Renachris. 

Why Korean products? 

Korean pop culture has taken Asia by storm. Since then, anything labelled "Made in Korea" could stir a vast amount of interest. However,  there are millions of products in Korea, and not all are worth the attention. We took it as a calling to filter through the Korean market and hand pick the most trendy products with top quality and bring them into Singapore. 

Who are we?

The owners of Croire are Chinese born Korean ethnicity sisters who lived in Korea and speak fluent Korean and migrated to Singapore a few years ago. We visit Korea regularly. And spend a lot of time to use all the products before we decide on importing. Only the best ones are launched in Singapore. 

What's more? 

We aim to be the sole distributor of all the products we bring in and minimise the level of distributorship to keep the price low. 

More to come♥

It's just started. With a vision to be a one-stop Korean live style importer. We strive to expand our product range and bring you the most hip trends in Korea. So, sign up with us by subscribing to our newsletter and check out our blog posts regularly.

Also, We would like to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to leave us comments and messages. Tell us what do you want to know and what do you want us to bring into Singapore. ♥

With love

The An Sisters ♥