H201 Shower Filter Kids (Made in Korea)

  1. CHLORINE REMOVAL:Strong chlorine is used for disinfection in order to eliminate microorganisms in the water. Residual chlorine in the tap water will get through into our skin during shower. Constantly use of tap water containing chlorine may cause skin diseases.
  2. VITAMIN C: Vitamin C helps to even out your skin tone, shield skin from visible impact of pollution, significantly improving hydration to keep your skin looking younger. They all have potent antioxidant and anti-aging benefits that gradually diminishes the visible signs of aging.
  3. TREHALOSE:Trehalose is a component that exist in the resurrection plant  in large amount. It promotes cell formation, protects the cell membrane , and prevents evaporation of water and damage to intracellular substances,hence can keep cell moisture. As a natural saccharide, it is not only excellent moisture retention component, but also protection of infant cell, fatty acid, removal of body odor and  anti-inflammatory.
  4. OLIVE OIL:Olive oil contains chlorophyll, which calms skin and  troubles such as acne and sebum, and contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids such as vitamin A and vitamin E. It is especially helpful for skin diseases(dryness, itching, inflammation) caused by dryness of the skin by replenishing moisture and penetrating deep into the skin without blocking the pores. It also helps cure atopy through improving skin immunity and self-vitality.
  5. MILK POWDER:Milk powder will effectively remove old and dead skin without the skin irritation.
  6. FRAGRANCE: The decent smell of H201 is developed by our best perfumer through tens of thousands of tests.It helps you to protect your kids.Fully use of shower-time to improve your family's life.Two fragrance shower filter are available for kids which can improve your healthy. a. Strawberry: In warm sunshine, with strawberries. b. Free fragrance

All our products are 100% Authentic. Please bear in mind that actual product might have color differences from photo  due to lighting or the monitor's display.